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NASA’s logo: From meatball to worm and back

The story behind NASA’s famous meatball logo

A test pilot climbs into an aircraft in front of a hanger showing the NACA logo

Founded in 1915, NACA was absorbed by NASA in 1958. Credit: NASA

A pair of wings on display

While touring the Langley Research Center, Modarelli was inspired by a display model of a supersonic wing design. Credit: NASA

a round logo showing the earth and the moon with the words national aeronautics and space administration circling the logo

Modarelli submitted this design to become NASA’s first seal. Credit: NASA (James Modarelli)

A colorized version of the previous logo

NASA’s official seal has seen its own changes over the years, with the Kennedy administration changing the background from gray-blue to brown in 1961. Credit: NASA

The Nasa logo features a blue circle with a red wishbone shaped swish and the word Nasa

Modarelli’s insignia design was first dubbed the meatball in 1975 to differentiate it from the new logo. Credit: NASA

The Nasa logo showing just the name in red

This new logo replaced Modarelli’s design in1975. Credit: NASA

The classic blue logo and red swish with the updated rounded nasa logo

The so-called wormball logo combined elements from both the meatball and the worm. Credit: NASA (Dan Gauthier)

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