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The Ultimate Space Lover’s Subscription Box

The Space & Beyond Box ships quarterly, bringing unique astronomy-related items to space enthusiasts across the galaxy.

Now taking orders for the May box! Subscribe by May 15 to be the first to receive it.

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What’s in the box?

Each quarterly Space & Beyond Box features a collection of 5-7 specially curated space-themed items at a savings of over 30% off retail prices. The Box includes intriguing, high quality items and exclusive products not available anywhere else! It’s a space lover’s dream come true. Get the Box >

This quarter’s theme featured The Night Sky Collection!

Big box, big value at just $49.95

Specially designed for those who know the sky is NOT the limit.

How It Works

Step 1: Subscribe to the box


For just $49.95 each, get a space-themed subscription box containing intriguing and exclusive items at a discount of 30% or more!

Step 2: Receive the box four times a year


Four times a year, receive a new Space & Beyond Box filled with 5-7 premium products for work, play, display or sharing.

Step 3: Explore a fascinating space-related topic when the box arrives


What you get inside the Box is a surprise until it arrives! Each quarter we’ll explore a fascinating space-related topic.

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A Themed Collection in Every Box!

The February box featured The Night Sky Collection.

Asteroids / The Moon / Planets / The Milky Way / Exploration / Astronauts / And More!

Types of products you’ll find in the quarterly Space & Beyond Box include:

Space Particles book cover
Lunar AR notebook
Moon globe
Moonstruck Memos sticky note book
Apollo 11 patch
The Age of Lunar Exploration map poster

Bonus! Get a free AR NASA Space mug from Astroreality®!

While supplies last for new subscribers.

Get in touch with space in daily life. Scan Augmented Reality NASA Space Mug through the AstroReality Explorer app and have a simulated spaceship experience. All data comes from NASA and USGS high-definition satellite photos, covering the entire surface of the Earth.

See the mug in action!

“As a space enthusiast, I was pleased with the first box. The lunar notebook was my favorite piece.

“I’m glad that I joined the Space and Beyond program and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the future.”

“NASA mission patches are absolutely the best. I hope we see more of those in these boxes!”

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